VIDEO: The Very Neat Dell Duo Convertible Tablet

The Dell Duo impressed us all when it was unveiled back in September. At the beginning of the presentation, it looked just like a regular tablet. However, Dell surprised everyone by flipping the screen around and revealing that it was actually a convertible netbook with a very innovative design.

Obviously we were eager to get a closer look at the Windows 7 device but Dell wasn't exactly forthcoming when it came to hands-on previews for the media. The company did briefly show the device to a smaller group of journalists after the stage presentation, but no one was allowed to touch it. A Dell rep was on hand to demonstrate the swiveling mechanism and answer some questions, however, a lot of queries were met with non-committal answers or even a refusal to discuss certain features like battery life. We knew that it packed a 10-inch display and a dual-core Atom, but we didn't have much else.

Unfortunately, it looks like Dell is still playing coy with the specs of the device. However, we do have a nifty little promo video showing what the device (this time in a sexy blue) can do. No specific launch date yet, other than Dell's previous promise of before the end of the year, so we only know it'll be here in time to make holiday wish-lists around the country but that's about it.

Check out the video below!

Source: YouTube via SlashGear

  • dogman_1234 much? It will be Dell priced, of course.

    Can't wait to see what the guys at Tom's think.
  • eklipz330
    i wanted to read an article, but i accidentally clicked on an ad =
  • battery
    eklipz330i wanted to read an article, but i accidentally clicked on an ad =get adblock plus
  • Randomacts
    I loled at "You can't tell its a dell" so that means it won't suck... *I hope*

    This looks like the only good thing that has ever come out of dell.. now just hope it does not suck/more overpriced then the ipad.
  • jacobdrj
    a) Verified benchmarked battery life
    b) Verified by a third party weight measurement

    If they pass these tests, these will be awesome.
  • yoy0yo
    Man, I'd load that thing up with Ubuntu's Unity thing. Looks like the best mix of net/tablet
  • jonnyboyC
    This thing might be a game changer in the tablet netbook market, it could end up being cheaper then the ipad, and being more practical, and robust. I doubt it'll be the ipads battery life, but this could end up being much more competition, for the ipad than the samsung galaxy
  • christop
    I hope it will be like 350 or so but if it 500 forget it.
  • dEAne
    I will try this one.
  • archange
    All shall be revealed... in time :)