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GOG Hosts Pick 5, Pay $10 Promo in Time for Black Friday

Editor's Note: These deals have all expired. Check out our current list of best black friday deals.

One of the best things about the holidays is indubitably the holiday sales. Since the jolly season is thinly-veiled capitalism at its finest, why not cash in on the price-slashing?

GOG is kicking off a "Pick 5, Pay $10" sale in time for Black Friday, no doubt hoping to cram in some digital game sales before the Steam Autumn Sale kicks off.

The sale is exactly what it sounds like: pick five games out of a list of 20 indie titles and pay only two bucks for each.

The games available for the sale are the following:

·        Resonance

·        Botanicula

·        To the Moon

·        Gemini Rue

·        Alan Wake's American Nightmare

·        Blackwell Bundle

·        Torchlight

·        Uplink: Hacker Elite

·        Geneforge 1-5

·        Machinarium: Collector's Edition

·        Spacechem

·        Defcon

·        Trine

·        Symphony

·        Darwinia

·        Anomaly Warzone Earth

·        Multiwinia

·        Unmechanical

·        The Ball

To cash in on the sale, head over to GOG's promo page

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