MSI's GT660 Gaming Notebook Gets Spec'd

MSI yesterday revealed the full list of specs for the GT660 and while we'll reserve judgment until we find out what kind of money they're asking for the machine, we think it looks pretty damn sweet.

Aside from the aforementioned 16-inch HD display, 2xUSB 3.0 and Intel Core i7, the GT660 packs Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285M Graphics with 1GB VRAM; up to 12GB of RAM; a 500GB harddrive (with an option for a second 500GB HDD); HDMI out; and a 9-cell battery.

Electronista reports that the desktop replacement will also come with MSI’s Turbo Drive Engine+ (TDE+) technology, which doubles the CPU, RAM, and graphics performance with the push of a button. However, MSI didn't provide any more details on the technology.

We'll keep you posted on pricing and availability.

  • qwoz
    "which doubles the CPU, RAM, and graphics performance with the push of a button."
    Lol so they are severely down-clocking it?
  • Pyroflea
    qwoz"which doubles the CPU, RAM, and graphics performance with the push of a button."Lol so they are severely down-clocking it?
    When less processing power is required, you can increase battery life by 100%. Sounds good to me.
  • dtemple
    Wouldn't surprise me if the CPU, RAM, and graphics run at half-speed on battery power, and all that TDE+ does is clock everything at normal. I severely doubt they could run a laptop CPU and graphics adapter at double their original clock speed.
  • Trueno07
    I have an MSI laptop that OC's from 2.4 to 2.66 with a button, and I can only use it while plugged in because of the power it draws, so i'm assuming the same will apply to this laptop.

    Pretty slick laptop though, i love my MSI gaming laptop, it's fantastic.
  • wintermint
    Still waiting for the mention of battery life :(
  • duk3
    You are probably waiting since there is nothing to mention :P
  • liquidsnake718
    even with a 9 cell, this should only last 3 1/2 MAX
  • thepinkpanther
    gtx285?!? thats so yesterday!
  • $amurai
    Oooooh that looks nice... I'm sure it's completely over my budget for the foreseeable future though :(
  • Maziar
    I like the looks of it,but i wish it had a better VGA in it.Like HD 5870M/GTX 480M