InFocus Intros Monster 55" AIO PC, the BigTouch

InFocus Corp. launched on Tuesday the BigTouch, a 55-inch all-in-one PC packed with Microsoft's Windows 8 Pro and a meaty price tag of $4999 USD. It sports a five-point touch 1080p display for multi-person collaboration in classrooms, businesses and home theaters. It's beautiful, fast and fun, the company claims.

"Imagine interacting with virtually any content you want on a beautiful 55-inch high definition touch display," said Robert Detwiler, product manager at InFocus. "The BigTouch is for anyone who wants the Windows 8 touch experience on a large PC display."

This super-sized AIO PC features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two HDMI ports, and six USB ports. Under the hood is an Intel Core i5 "Sandy Bridge" processor with Intel vPro Technology for embedded security and manageability, and a 120 GB SSD. There's also WiFi connectivity, and a wireless keyboard and mouse for computing from a couch or desk.

Unfortunately, InFocus is a little slim on the hardware details, and the product currently isn't listed on its website. However additional reports claim that the AIO actually comes with a detachable hardware unit that can be easily upgraded thanks to its Blade server-like design. This hardware unit itself is integrated with the 55-inch screen through a proprietary connector.

David Duncan, product manager at InFocus, said the company plans to roll out upgrades to Core processors based on Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture in the future. Meanwhile, the touch screen itself supports the basic Windows 8 gestures such as slide, rotate, pinch and swipe, making navigation through Windows 8 on the large screen a real breeze.

To get the 55-inch BigTouch, consumers will need to find an InFocus retailer, or shop online via TigerDirect, CDW and other virtual retailers.

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  • USAFRet
    For classroom and business, as a fancy whiteboard...maybe. But we already have those.

    For a home theater? I have to get up and touch the TV to do things? I think not.
    Isn't that why we've had remotes for the last 40 years?
  • -Jackson
    No matter which way you look at it, you can't justify the price-tag.
  • joytech22
    The HTPC system I built at home uses an E-450 and Windows 8.
    We also have a 42" plasma and installed infra-red touch sensors into a bezel that sits on top of the screen (about half a cm thick).

    The TV can register touch and everything.
    Overall the whole thing set me back $1200.

    Why is this system $5000 again?