Ask Intel and VMware About Xeon, Virtualization

Today Intel is hosting its second live chat in as many days. A little different to yesterday's chat about vPro technology, Intel is joining up with VMware to discuss Intel's Xeon Processor and virtualization.

Intel has never brought on a partner for these chats so the addition of several big wigs from VMware should prove beneficial for all you server experts. As was the case with yesterday's chat, things kick off at 10 a.m. PT. So gather up your performance, business value and technical questions and hit up the Intel Communities when the time comes.

To those of you who couldn't slack off work in time to tune into yesterday's Core 2/vPro chat, don't worry; we'll be posting the highlights later on.

  • bucifer
    And another intel VPro news. Waiting for a dozen more, just to make sure we have it all pictured in our minds: INTEL VPRO ETC. Go Tom's!