InWin Gives Us a Peek at Its Prototype Cases

Mana 136/137

New entry-level cases from InWin that have a bit of flare in the design.


The "BUC" case has an access panel on the side that gives access directly to HDD, perhaps hot swap for SATA without open the case.


Very small, but compatible with ATX, so it can pack a Core i5/i7 with an optical drive. There are a few hints of old design cues from the original PlayStation 2.


Perhaps the most fun at checking out stuff at Computex are the prototypes. InWin had a few on display that it plans to brings to market in the future. The ones our team saw had aggressive designs; one has a external SATA connector on the top, another had a "BTX similar design" (the case opens on the right, and the motherboard connection are on top for better cooling).

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  • joytech22

    With the prototypes, the window is on the wrong side of the case? Or is the motherboard mounted on the left instead of the right...?
  • ironmb
  • aliened
    me don't like it