Alienware Brings LAN Party Hummer to Comic Con

However, AMD has just revealed that Alienware was one of West Coast's more recent customers. According to AMD's Facebook fan page, they'll be rolling up to Comic Con 2010 in what looks like a pimped out Hummer.* They're calling it a mobile LAN party and though we don't know quite what's in it, we can see several laptops (with external displays up top), a few desktops and we're assuming they're all packing Samsung SSDs. Just call it a hunch.

AMD's been teasing this thing for a three days by posting odd looking photos, which we now know were the back rear panel of the vehicle, and dropping hints like: "Alienware is always redefining mobile gaming."

Check all three photos and the car itself below.

*I come from a country where even SUVs are rare, so feel free to correct me if this isn't a Hummer.

  • shovenose
    lol alienware (aka dell) sucks
  • Rolling LAN party...awsome!
  • pojih
    Looks like an H3

    But that is freakin' awesome, regardless of the functionality or practicality.
  • polly the parrot
    Hope they don't try playing shooters while on a gravel road.

    Naturally, I'd be worried about car accidents in this thing. It looks like a kid with a skateboard running into it can do plenty of damage.

    I'd say that a wide 18-wheeler that's enclosed, has seats, AC, and lights would be better. Also could fit more people for a more intensive LAN party. It would also win in a game of chicken with a skateboarder.
  • halodude23
    Y not also put a few weapons if it is a hummer? Fake or not
  • ubernoobie
    if you crash, you could cause a huge fire! :o
  • Attendee: "Wow, a mobile LAN party!"
    Friend: "Let's play some StarCraft II! Oh wait..."

    And thus ends the tragic tale :(
  • scook9
    You done well Jane, it is indeed a Hummer
  • tipmen
    tragictaleAttendee: "Wow, a mobile LAN party!"Friend: "Let's play some StarCraft II! Oh wait..."And thus ends the tragic tale
    +1 sir! I wish SC2 had lan support
  • Does Alienware even sell AMD machines now?