Computex: Gigabyte's MID, the M528

There was definitely a theme this year when it came to Computex this year; mobility.

One of the devices we liked at the show was the Gigabyte MID M528. With a 4.8” LCD screen, the M528 weighs 340 grams, is 5.9 x 3.1 x .8 inches and is definitely built for maximum portability.

The M528 was right next to the M912 when it came to design. Tablet versions of UMPCs are not exactly a common occurrence so it was nice to see that kind of design on the M912. Similarly, the design for the M528 was a little different than what we’re used to. It sports a decent sized display with a slide out QWERTY keypad, which makes the whole thing more compact but just as easy to use compared to a larger device.

Having said that it wasn’t just the keyboard that caught our attention, the MID is pretty impressive when it comes to specifications. Aside from the Intel Atom processor (800MHz) and the 4GB SSD you’ve also got several input/output ports including 1 standard USB, a mini-USB client, a 3.5mm earphone-mic,1 GPS RF switching connector, DC-in, a SIM card slot and a micro SD. Add to that Bluetooth via USB I/F and a 300k pixel webcam and it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a price for the M528, however ccording to reports the MID M528 could end up costing over $1000. Australian importer, Tegatech has the MID listed at a price of $1,199, which would put it at about $1,150 USD.

More about the M912 and Gigbyte at Computex

  • mr roboto
    Oh the M912! Not the M528? Maybe a little background info on the devices would help paint a better picture. Model numbers mean nothing especially when the devices are brand new and not in stores.