MMOG on Screen Larger Than Football Field

Beijing plays host to the second largest LED screen in the world, covering an area of 7,500 square meters and measuring almost 820 feet long and almost 100 feet wide. Dubbed as the "Sky Screen," the massive display looms over the popular Beijing downtown shopping center "The Place" and has become an iconic landmark since its installment.

According to Gadgets Republic, the massive LED screen also became one of the biggest gaming screens ever. Double Dutch guild leader “Fire” reportedly drove to The Place at 8:40pm on Sunday night and parked his car under the towering LED screen. He then slumped down on a couch prepared for him before he arrived, whipped out his notebook PC, and accessed the shopping center's wireless network. Once connected, he logged onto Chinese MMORPG Fire 2, looking straight up at the football field-sized screen.

"After ten minutes, the game screen went away and [Fire] just stood up and just walked off," said one eyewitness.

Insiders claim that the session probably cost the guild leader around $5,200 (RMB 45,000) for the unique, "wide-screen" experience-- roughly $520 per minute. It's speculated that the stunt was merely viral marketing, enticing local gamers to play Fire 2. The stunt also sparked a wash of negative feedback, with angry Chinese blogs saying "horrible rich people" and "money burning," obviously annoyed by the appearance of wasteful spending.

Both Fire and Double Dutch have been unavailable for comment. Additionally, various other reports have provided different numbers (up to $15,000 USD), so the actual amount spent playing Fire 2 on Beijing’s Sky Screen is unclear.

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  • mianmian
    It would be fun if the other two screens are used as well.
    And what's next? PvP between them.
  • TheRockMonsi
    The only downside to the screen (no pun intended) is that your neck would probably hurt from watching stuff on it after a while.
  • bob_white
    Beijing plays host to the second largest LED screen in the world

    so whats the biggest screen then?