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Be Quiet!, Fractal Design & Thermaltake Release List of Haswell Compatible PSUs

Earlier, we heard that Intel's Haswell CPUs might have problems with certain less expensive or older power supplies, because the Haswell CPUs would be too efficient for them. A number of manufacturers have already released their lists with compatible power supplies, and now three manufacturers join in: Fractal Design, Thermaltake and Be Quiet!.

First, Be Quiet! has announced that all of its current power supplies are compatible with the Haswell CPUs. This includes all the models that are currently in production and for sale, but not older units, which might still be on shelves, but are not necessarily compatible. Some older units are mostly compatible, it mentions. The model series that are definitely compatible are: the Dark Power Pro 10, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8, System Power 7, and Pure Power L7 series (630 W and 730 W).

Moving on, Thermaltake has announced that the Toughpower Platinum (700 W and 600 W), Toughpower Gold (1200 W, 1050 W, 850 W, 750 W, 650 W), Toughpower XT (1475 W, 1375 W, 1275 W), Toughpower (1500 W, 1200 W, 1000 W, 850 W, 750 W), EVO_BLUE 2.0 (850 W, 750 W, 650 W), and SMART M (850 W, 750 W) are all 100 percent compatible with the upcoming Intel Haswell CPUs.

Lastly, Fractal Design has also released a list of Haswell compatible power supplies. The power supplies that it has mentioned as compatible include the Newton R3 (1000 W, 1000 W White, 800 W, 600 W) and the Tesla R2 (1000 W, 800 W, 650 W, 650 W White, 500 W). The Integra R2 lineup (750 W, 650 W, 500 W) have been rated as likely compatible, although the compatibility is questioned since Intel hasn't released any formal testing procedure or minimum qualifications.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.