Patriot SSDs Offer 10-Year Warranty

Patriot Memory announced today that its new Torqx M28 Series SSDs are now available for purchase in two capacities: 128 GB and 256 GB. The company is also backing the new drives with a huge 10-year warranty, apparently the first of its kind in the industry. Originally, the company offered two-year warranties on its SSDs, however Patriot's Director of Sales said that the new extended warranty applies to all consumer purchases prior to today's announcement, meaning anything previously bought from the company is now covered under the extended plan.

In addition to the warranty, Patriot has increased the DRAM cache size in its new SSDs from 64 MB to 128 MB of cache "in conjunction with its current NAND flash technology." This upgrade will provide faster transfer rates between the controller and the host device. It's probably a given that the SSDs will provide lower power consumption and faster access times, however the Torqx series should offer better stability than hard drives found on the market today. Patriot has even thrown in an SSD bracket that will make the SSDs universal across all platforms, whether its a mobile device or a desktop.

"The Torqx series SSDs takes the technology of SSD to the next level," says Meng J. Choo, Patriot's Flash Product Manager. "Competitor non-cache drives suffered from what consumers described as 'stuttering affect' which inhibited the drive performance. Torqx Series addresses this issue with a DRAM cache that acts as a buffer for data transfer bottlenecks and increases the random and sequential read and write transfer rates.”

Head to the Patriot Memory website for more information.

  • redgarl
    Nice... but it will breaks before 10 years... :P
  • 08nwsula
    maybe in 10 years I will be able to afford it
  • ben850
    redgarlNice... but it will breaks before 10 years...
    ..????? Then they will replace it.
  • Thunderfox
    redgarlNice... but it will breaks before 10 years...Well, if they're still in business after replacing half their sold products twice over, you should be able to get a new one when yours dies.
  • No one will care that it has 10 years. Who had a drive for that long? I have a drive that is 2 years old and it is stupidly small compared to what can be bought now.
  • doomtomb
    08nwsulamaybe in 10 years I will be able to afford itI sure hope these things get affordable but a better warranty from Patriot gets hats off.
  • ricin
    Could be a final act of desperation - if they're about to file bankruptcy, what do they have to loose? OTOH, maybe they just know their SSDs are that good. I'm leaning more towards the desperation idea.
  • tychoblu
    About flippin' time that an ssd company is going to include a $15 bracket with a $400 drive. 10 year warranty is just good sense, the drives will last passed my normal life time and that of most computer companies...
  • thejerk
    "...however the Torqx series should offer better stability than hard drives found on the market today..."

    ummm, whadya mean, kev?
  • TheZander
    That's pretty dope that they're giving backwards coverage. It's nice that that they're doing that to take care of their original customers rather than just shaft those initial buyers that helped fund their R&D on the new drives.