PAX Prime 2012: Photos of the Quad-core Razer Blade Refresh

"The beauty is now the beast," pitched Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan at a conference unveiling the new Razer Blade gaming laptop refresh. The slogan is to represent the performance increase the Blade will receive in its coming upgrade. The processor cores are doubled, from a dual core to a quad core Intel i7. The graphics are upgraded to an Nvidia GTX 660M in order to power modern games at 1920x1080. 8GB of 1600MHz memory caters to gamers and performance enthusiasts alike. In addition the USB ports (all three) have been upgraded to USB 3.0 and the WiFi card has been upgraded to dual-band 2.4/5GHz capability. Read more about the new Razer Blade here.

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  • jblack
    I bet they upgraded the price too.
  • Pennanen
    Overpriced ricer, just like 99% of razer products.
  • scorch0062
    @jblack they actually lowered the price for the new one. Still overpriced though lol.