Sapphire Radeon HD 7990 Atomic PCB and Cooler Pictured

The Sapphire Radeon HD 7990 Atomic made its first appearance in June at this year’s Computex conference and features a pair of 28 nm “Tahiti XT2” GPUs, 6 GB of GDDR5 memory and six mini-DisplayPort outputs. Further information on the graphics card’s liquid cooling system and PCB design has now become available on Expreview.

In addition to the aforementioned two GPUs, the HD 7990 Atomic’s PCB features a PLX PLEX8747 PCI-Express 3.0 x48 bridge chip, an enormous 18-phase VRM that draws power from three 8-pin PCI-E power connectors, and provides each GPU with a 6+2+1 phase power supply (Vcc+VDDCI+MVDD).

According to TechPowerUp, the phases appear to have two 50A chokes per phase and driver-MOSFETs, while the ancillary phases use more conventional LFPAK MOSFETs, and most electricals on the 12-layer PCB are handled by Tantalum capacitors. As noted previously, the HD 7990 Atomic features a rather imposing liquid cooling system that includes a full-coverage block, a 120 x 240 mm radiator, a coolant reservoir and pump with coolant ports and a pair of 120 mm fans that spin at 1200 RPM.

The Sapphire Radeon HD 7990 Atomic is expected to be formally announced in a few weeks. At the time of writing, Sapphire hasn’t provided any information on its clock rates, pricing or availability.

  • bucknutty
  • dark_lord69
    eh... I've had issues with both of my previous 2 sapphire cards.

    I am now using an MSI card without any problems! : )
  • 06yfz450ridr
    i wonder if they are making a waterblock for their 7970 as well i would like to get a hold of one of those.
  • spentshells
    It actually looks like a really good product.
  • slomo4sho
    Isn't the 7990 being discontinued later this year?
  • vinhn
    Decent, but pretty history now for the 7970. Hearing that the 7990 is discontinuing later this year, rich folks might buy it just for the sake of collections.
  • SvRommelvS
    A sealed cooling loop I can see, like the ASUS ARES II, but a 240mm rad and refillable reservoir seems silly.
  • RazberyBandit
    Just in time to be EOL'd... AMD kind of flubbed the 7990. They were released nearly a year too late to have a truly significant impact on the market, not to mention serious sales volume.
  • jrstriker12
    Like the cooler but not hot on the card.
  • agnickolov
    So with 3x 8pin connectors (150W each) and the 75W from the MB this thing can draw 525W from the PSU...