PowerSkin Case for Galaxy S III Gives You a Beefier Battery

Although there are tons of different iPhone battery-case accessories out there, Android devices haven't seen quite as much love. Luckily for Samsung Galaxy S III owners, the skyrocketing sales of their device have prompted PowerSkin to create a case specially designed for the flagship smartphone.

According to the company, PowerSkin's latest case may be the first of its kind. Like most of the company's battery cases, the Galaxy S III case features a 1,500 mAh rechargeable battery, extending talk time by up to 2.83 hours or standby times by up to 97 hours. Smart Power Management features and an easy access on/off button allow users to get the most of their extra battery.

The case also features battery indicator LEDs that keep users informed of charging status or battery levels. The company also states that its silicon-based case doesn't interfere with the Galaxy S III's NFC capabilities. As far as smartphone cases go, the $79.99 case is definitely on the pricier side of things, but if you aren't a fan of swapping batteries out or carrying around portable chargers, PowerSkin's case provides a seamless way to enhance your battery life.


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  • cmartin011
    that is awesome!
  • master_chen
  • burnley14
    $80 is ludicrous. Comparable or even better iPhone battery cases are $20.