VIDEO: This Lian Li Spider Case Actually Moves

As reported back in April, Lian Li released its T1 mini-ITX Spider Test Bench to the masses after first appearing at CeBIT 2010 back in January. Currently the Spider costs a meager $108 (plus tax) for the black and silver versions, and a hairier $123 (plus tax) for the demonic red. Sporting four long legs, the unique contraption supports mini-ITX motherboards, one 5.25-inch slim CD-ROM, one bog standard 3.5-inch HDD or SSD using an adapter, and a standard ATX PS/2 PSU.

However last week during Computex, Lian Li decided to take the spider-like design one step further by fitting the black version with an assembly of remote controlled servos on each of its four legs. As you may have guessed, the thing could actually walk, dance, jiggle, and even wave a metallic appendage at Computex attendees. What it couldn't do was carry a PSU and motherboard, as the weight would throw the mechanical menace off balance.

Unfortunately, this animated version of Lian Li's Spider will never make it to the market. Still, that doesn't mean a modder won't come along and figure out how to make it move and carry its intended cargo without crashing to the ground. Heck, Lian Li should make a kit available for those consumers who simply want a walking mechanical spider... maybe throw in a pair of menacing, metallic fangs to boot.

Moving Lian Li Spider Case

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  • ubernoobie
  • Gin Fushicho
    I gotta say, if that was filled with components and I saw it IRL I'd probably laugh.
  • sliem
    It's still ugly.