Stealth Announces In-Vehicle MiniPC

Stealth Computer has announced a new mini-PC designed for in-vehicle, mobile and embedded applications.

The newly announced LPC-450M is a rugged and small form-factor PC by Stealth Computer that features an Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor and optional SSD. Designed specifically for in-vehicle and mobile applications, the LPC-450M offers several useful functions that make it a great choice for an enthusiast looking to add an unobtrusive computer to their vehicle. Some potential uses for such a system may include storing a large MP3 collection, powering an in-car movie system, interfacing with the car’s on-board diagnostic system or powering a custom GPS navigation system.

The LPC-450M measures a tiny 5.7 x 9.9 x 1.65-inch in size, runs on a DC power input of 10-16 VDC (84-watts) and includes Smart Vehicle DC Power Control functions. These functions include a user selectable start-up delay timer that helps to prevent false power starts when the ignition to the vehicle is turned on, as well as a user selectable shut-down delay timer that ensures a safe power down cycle of the system. If there is a problem and the system does not shut down, the LPC-450M has a built-in hardware shut-down ability that will prevent the vehicle from continuously being drained of battery power.

The standard configuration of the LPC-450M is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5500 processor (1.66 GHz | 2 MB L2 Cache | 667 MHz FSB | 34 W TDP), although configurations with an Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T7400 (2.16 GHz) or T7600 (2.33 GHz) processor are also available. The LPC-450M uses the Intel 945GM chipset and supports up to 4 GB of DDR2 memory, although the standard configuration includes just 512 MB. The base system configuration also comes loaded with an 80 GB 2.5-inch HDD (up to 500 GB available) or optional SSD, a slim slot-load DVD drive, Intel GMA 950 graphics, gigabit Ethernet and AC 97 Audio. An operating system is optional. The LPC-450M can be customized at the Stealth Computer online store with a starting price of $1,395.00 USD.

  • michaelahess
    Holy h*ll that's expensive! Anyone that know what to do with one of these, knows how to build it for half the cost! I do like the $100 remote power cord, cost about $5 at radio shack to build, what a joke!
  • Pei-chen
    MOre expensive than a Mac mini.
  • Heh that is super expensive. I build mine for under $500 and it survives cranking. They gotta be joking.
  • waffle911 - All the resources (information/guidance and hard-to-source parts) you need to DIY end of story. No-one here should waste his/her time with this.
  • Oevre Clocker
    Great, some more sh!t of yours that I can steal