Thermaltake Reveals Chaser A41 PC Case

Hot on the heels of the introduction of the Chaser A31, Thermaltake has unveiled the Chaser A41. The A41 features the same e-sports-inspired aesthetic as the Chaser A31 but boasts an extra fan (one front intake 120mm, one rear exhaust 120mm fan, and a top fan measuring 200mm), and a 30mm wide cable routing gap for easy cable management.


The A41 has the same transparent side panel that offers a view of your system's innards at a quick glace, not to mention space for 4 x 5.25-inch and 1 x 3.5-inch drives via a tool-free drive bay design and an additional 5 x 3.5-inch hidden drive bays. It supports 9.6-inch x 9.6-inch (Micro ATX) and 12-inch x 9.6-inch (ATX) boards, as well as coolers as tall as 175mm and graphics cards as long as 315mm. It's got two USB 3.0 and one HD Audio port, and seven expansion slots.


The entire thing weighs just over 17.5lbs, and measures in at 19.5 x 9.9 x 20.1 inches. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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  • freggo
    The usual Photo problem.
    Photos in the article are 338px and ofter 2 stages of 'zoom' you get one at 360 pixel.

    If this was a hobby site I'd understand.
    But for one of the leading commercial sites it is just sad, so very sad.

  • beardguy

    Totally agree, Tom's fix your broken "zoom" feature!
  • halcyon
    Regardless, another toy-looking case from Thermaltake. I miss the days when they made nice cases like the Mozart TX.
  • stairman
    @halcyon - totally agree, my old Thermaltake Armour was a decent case but all their new ones look plastic and cheap.
  • ZakTheEvil
    Yeah, what's with the pictures? This is really embarrassing.
  • bnot
    A case that wide, which I appreciate, shouldn't need feet. Those make any case look like a penguin or R2D2.
  • chumly
    It's like a girl on Facebook with a small picture: you can't tell quite how ugly they are.
  • Maybe Tom's needs a photo web programmer, and no one in their workforce knows how to optimize zoom as us readers want it to be.
  • merikafyeah
    The Chaser A31 looks infinitely better than this A41. The A31 looks clean and beautiful while the A41 looks generic and cheap.

    TigerDirect seems to be the only one selling the Chaser A31 atm (on sale too) :

    bnotA case that wide, which I appreciate, shouldn't need feet. Those make any case look like a penguin or R2D2.I believe all Thermaltake cases have rotatable feet (the ones that have feet anyway) so you can tuck them in out of sight. Though you'd be surprised how wobbly even wide cases are on really thick carpet. The wider feet help tremendously in those situations.
  • belardo
    looks like a cheesy generic case.