Thermaltake Releases Overseer RX-I eSports PC Case

Thermaltake's new Overseer RX-I full-tower case measures 21.1 (H) x 8.7 (W) x 22.8 (D) inches, weighs 22.7 pounds, has front & top mesh panels,  four exposed 5.25-inch bays, five tool-free 2.5/3.5-inch internal bays, and two pre-drilled holes (found at the rear) for watercooling tubing. The top-placed I/O panel comes with USB 3.0 (x 2), USB 2.0 (x 2), eSATA (x 1) and audio (x 2) ports.

The Overseer RX-I supports up to an E-ATX motherboards, utilizes a steel construction and is equipped with three fans - 200mm fans with blue LEDs (600 ~ 800 RPM) in front and on top, and a rear 120mm fan (1000 RPM).

Thermaltake 【Overseer RX-I】

Features of the Overseer RX-I e-Sports case includes:

  • Distinguishable breath lighting effect
  • Exquisite front bezel and black coating inside
  • Internal USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
  • Top-mounted HDD Docking Station enables blazing fast file transfer and effortless hot-swap capability
  • Bottom-placed PSU design for better and easier installation
  • Supports AMD & Nvidia graphics cards up to 12.5" long (e.g. AMD Radeon HD 6990 & Nvidia Geforce GTX 590)
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Coolest Breath lighting effect

Top hot-swap docking station,  convenient design for data transfer

Internal USB 3.0 Connection

Thermaltake 【Overseer RX-I】

Readers interested in the case should be able to find the case around $160 or less at release. See more on the Overseer RX-I on Thermaltake's product page.

  • DSpider
    Do people actually buy these things? I bet it's pain in the ass to clean dust off of, with all the nooks and crannies. I would take something plain, square-ish any day. Especially for something I look at once a day when I turn it on, sometimes maybe more if I connect something to the front panel.

    $160? I think I'd rather spend the extra $100 on a better monitor since it's what you look at 99% of the time you use the computer... Or at least a better CPU/GPU combination.
  • halcyon
    What is with all the cases for little kids? Its like they want to win the award for ugliest PC case. I mean, look at this thing. Why do they think people want overstyled gaudy crap? I know different strokes for different folks but do they actually test the market when they design these things or just say, "Ah, make it look like something out of Transformers."

    They need to take notes from Corsair and Lian Li. Sheesh.

    A seemingly proper design Nothing wrong with an enclosure that's not gaudy, is there? If you feel you need to attract attention with your PC case go for simple lighting or something. Not an enclosure that makes your rig look like a toy. I guess to each there own.
  • eddieroolz
    Hmm, too many plastics "fins" if you will. I'd like a simple, minimalistic case really.
  • xtremeways
    I'll pass
  • beardguy
    Nice case, but too much going on design-wise. I want to see something different, this looks like LOTS of other cases already on the market.

  • spookie
    wow thats ugly! Do people actualy buy these things? It might be good for cooling, but it stays ugly!
  • kriswone
    All PC Towers should have a handle, be smooth, sturdy, excellent airflow, front end I/O's.

    this case does most of those well except for handle and smooth possibly sturdy?.
  • cep
    Looks rather like the HAF-X which I have. And of course people buy cases like this and why not? The build quality of my HAF is incredible and dust is no issue when you have dust filters... Imo this case looks perfectly fine, I like the industrial look and feel.
  • -Alessandro-
    Is that on top an HDD or an SDD?
  • cep