NZXT's Touch-Screen Fan Controller Priced

Wednesday NZXT said that its Sentry LXE external high performance fan controller will hit the market "soon." The kit will come packed with a "patent-pending" PCI card, a touch screen LCD, and the necessary cabling. Not only will this setup look cool on the desk sporting a brushed aluminum frame and a futuristic-looking interface, it will even send out an alarm when temps rise above a preferred point.

“Sentry LXE is a unique blend of high performance, complete monitoring and control, intuitive operation, and sleek design," said Johnny Hou, Founder and Chief Designer at NZXT. "The customization capabilities are perfect for the enthusiast who wants to tweak every aspect of airflow and keep tabs on system thermals."

The LCD display will present RPMs and temperatures in C/F while also serving as a desktop clock, showing the current time, date, and day of the week. Housed in the brushed aluminum frame, the display connects to the Sentry LXE PCI card pre-installed in the PC.

According to NZXT, the system gives the user complete control: five temperature probes keeps tabs on thermals throughout the case while five fan controllers adjust the fans' RPM speed. "[This] allows users to automatically adjust the fan speeds to correspond to a specific temperature, manually customize for extreme overclocking capabilities, or set to absolute silence," the company said.

Since no confirm release date was given, consumers might want to keep tabs on the product's website and popular online retailers.

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  • Nesto1000
    and so the price is?
  • TheViper
    Hey Kevin, might we get a price to go along with this "NZXT's Touch-Screen Fan Controller Priced" article?
  • MrF430
    Per the NZXT website, its retailing for $69.99