Enermax Announces Triathlor Power Supplies

Enermax's new Triathlor lineup of PSUs carry a number of new features to improve upon the Modul82+ lineup that has been selling since 2008. Enermax claims that they are not going for a "blinky poser" style PSU, but rather a "classic black, downright ordinary housing."

Enermax boasts about a rock-stable voltage at any load. What this means is that even when there is 0 W load, the voltages over the 12 V rail, 3.3 V line and 5 V lines will remain stable. (Electrical engineers will argue that at 0 W, there is no current, and you cannot have a voltage without a current.) Technically the so called "Zero Load Design" is able to keep the voltages stable nearing 0 W. Regardless, this is not a flaw on Enermax's side, this is just physics.

The point of the "Zero Load Design" is to deliver the same stable voltages at VERY low power draw, like when the PC is in sleep mode with modern day CPU power saving features and graphics cards with a C6 state. Furthermore the units are based on a 12 V rail design; the two 12 V rails deliver 99 percent of the power, with the secondary voltages like 3.3 V and 5 V being transformed off the 12 V rail.

Integrated into the units is a smart, likely PWM controlled 120 mm fan. The fan can stay quiet at 500 RPM to roughly 900 RPM, depending on the model, up to 50 percent load.

The PSUs are also modular. The primary cables that are permanently attached are thick round cables, while the modular removable cables are flat. The units will come with a generous three six + two pin PCIe connectors.

The Triathlor FC units will come in two versions initially: a 550 W unit and a 650 W unit.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Non-Euclidean
    +1 for less "Blinky Poser" PSUs!
  • bigpinkdragon286
    Am I the only one thinking that Enermax is still skirting the "Blinky Poser" line by naming their power supply the Triathlor FC? What ever happened to just calling it a power supply without the need to trademark it?
  • Marcus52
    Non-Euclidean+1 for less "Blinky Poser" PSUs!
    Hah can you say "EVGA NEX"?

    I wanted to love that PSU, being something of an EVGA fan, but the gimmicky rail switch and mediocre reviews meant I once again went to Enermax, and then Seasonic for another PSU purchase for another build. The only really good part is the 10-year warranty.

    I hope Enermax also updates its top-end line, too. They are very nice, but still based on slightly older tech and could be even better. When you are directly competing with Seasonic and charging as much as Enermax charges, you need to produce near-perfection.
  • festerovic
    horrible name for the model.
  • jazz84
    I remember my Enermax Liberty 500W fondly; easily the most rock-solid PSU I've ever owned, and I only replaced it because I needed more power and the Corsair TX 720 was on sale. Looking at the Triathlor though, I'd be very happy to go back to Enermax for my next build. Seems like they've only gotten better over the years, and I, for one, appreciate the no-bling approach. A box of flashy components does not a happy fiancee make...
  • therogerwilco
    Too bad they're 550 and 650 watts... I don't even look at psu's that under 1200 watts and have a gold rating...