Microsoft Making a Windows 7 Compatibility Site

Curious if some of your older hardware and software will work with Windows 7? The general rule we go by here is that if it works in Windows Vista, then it'll work fine in Windows 7. Even for programs that only work in Windows XP, you'll be able to run them in XP Mode if you've got Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

Microsoft hopes to clear everything up with its upcoming Windows 7 Compatibility Center website. Customers and businesses will be able to visit the website to browse a database of products to see which ones do and don't work with Windows 7.

The website is now live, but the database isn't yet complete. Microsoft said that it will launch the site closer to the retail date for Windows 7 on October 22.

"We will have more on this as we get closer to launch, but thousands of products are being populated into the Compatibility Center right now based on confirmed statements of support from partners," Mark Relph, a senior director with Microsoft's Windows Product Strategy Group and leader of its Windows Ecosystem team, said to PCMag. "If you are a customer, you can be confident that we are working with our partners to ensure you find the compatibility status, downloads, and helpful resources for the products you use every day."

The quickest solution to test your system for Windows 7 readiness is to use the upgrade advisor software, but if you're buying new hardware or software, you can check for the Compatible With Windows 7 logo.

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  • 08nwsula
    I think they would have an easier time making a site of the software NOT compatible with windows 7.
  • jhansonxi
    They must be worried. Where are the customer reports of compatibility? Partners are hardly unbiased and are only going to report enterprise application experiences.
  • XD_dued
    Hmmm...from my experience the windows vista compatibility list was inaccurate...everything works on my vista 64 although it says otherwise...oh well I'm not complaining XD