AeroCool Skribble Case Invites PC DIYers to Create Some Art

AeroCool Skribble Case
(Image credit: AeroCool)

There are a very wide range of PC case options available to choose from in 2022, and they come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. However, some will never be satisfied with an off-the-shelf design, and will want to do some customization, to exert their individuality or artistic prowess. Step forward the AeroCool Skribble Case with “drawable tempered glass front and side panels.” There's a liquid chalk marker in the box, and a wiper too, so you can start again if things go horribly wrong. To be clear, this is a ‘casual’ PC case customization option, and aimed at this segment, not at the thriving PC case modding community.

If you are more of a doodler than a Degas, the AeroCool Skribble Case lets you decorate your PC straight out of the box. Take the aforementioned drawable glass panels (are they slightly textured?) and marker, and you can go freehand to create or replicate designs on the front and left side panels, or you can easily trace a design. AeroCool’s information about whether there is anything special about its tempered glass surface, or the marker, is rather inadequate.

While on the topic of appearance, the AeroCool Skribble Case is a boxy ATX mid-tower design measuring a fairly typical dimensions of 210 x 453 x 441mm. Atop of the case, on the front-top edge, are power and reset switches, as well as an LED control button, 2 x USB 3.0, HD audio and mic ports, and a power button. Sadly, there's no USB-C is on the front panel, even though it's 2022.

AeroCool Skribble Case

(Image credit: AeroCool)

Beneath the front glass is a perforated SECC panel that's said to provide “increased airflow.” It's set back just a short distance from the impermeable glass, but it's better than no front venting at all.

The Skribble allows users to connect and control up to six addressable RGB fans with its 6-Port ARGB Control Hub, and one 120mm ARGB PWM controlled fan is included in the box. In total, users can fit up to 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2 fans in the front, 120mm x 2 or 140mm x 2 in the top, and 120mm x 1 in the rear (included).

For liquid cooling, buyers have options for a 120/240/280/360mm radiator in the front, up to a 120/240mm radiator in the top, and a 120mm rear radiator. Not that we'd recommend putting the radiator in the front, as the top is the preferred location. Removable dust filters are provided.

As an ATX case, of course you can fit up to full ATX sized motherboards, but the case can also accommodate Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX boards, if you wish. Max compatibility for coolers is 167mm tall, and for graphics cards please make sure your intended accelerator is no more than 362mm long (assuming no front radiator is installed). ATX PSUs up to 186mm long can fit. For storage you can shove in up to 2x 3.5-inch drives, and 5x 2.5-inch drives. No ODD bay is available. The back provides users access to a maximum of 7+2 expansion slots.

The case has a partially enclosed PSU section at the bottom, and this area also can fit some of your storage. You can also use a vertically mounted GPU, as long as it is two slots thick or less.

AeroCool hasn’t shared pricing or availability for the Skribble Case. However, if you want to scribble on your existing case with liquid chalk markers, we've found similar made-in-Japan Flash Color Liquid Chalk Markers in a wide range of colors on Amazon. They are currently out of stock but Amazon offers some alternative choices in its 'similar items' selections.

Will that work as well as the AeroCool case? We're not sure, but there are plenty of other options for case doodling if that's your cup of tea.

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  • Giroro
    I bet this case would work great with AMD's new EXPO™ brand of computer related products.

  • rluker5
    My daughter just puts all of the hardware stickers on hers. Al that I have.
  • Gam3r01
    Would this be good marketing images for a case? Sure.
    But making it a focal point, to the point of naming the case after it? Plain dumb.
    If there were actually something special about the design it could be justified, but all they did here is give people ideas for drawing they can do on any glass case.