Alienware unveils desktop PCs with Pentium EE 955 processor

Just about a week after announcing upcoming availability of AMD's FX-60 processor in its performance systems, Alienware added Intel's most recent Extreme Edition processor, the 65 nm dual-core 955 chip to its website.

A system equipped with the 3.4 GHz processor will ring in at least at just above $2600 for a basic system with a GeForce 7800 GT graphics card, 1 GB of memory and an 80 GB hard drive. Step up to the ALX series and you are looking at slightly more than $4400 for the entry level model.

Customizing your system with the long list of available options quickly elevates the price of the ALX system: 2 TB of storage, 4 GB of memory, two 7800 GTX cards and that premium sound system break the $8000 barrier. Add a 24" LCD and you spend well over $10,000.

Similar to the FX-60 systems, the EE 955 computers are not available as of now. According to Alienware's website, the Area-51's will ship on December 30, the ALX is expected to be available on February 9.

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