Alienware Steam Machine Video Interview

Alienware Steam Machine

One of the more clearly custom designs at Valve's Steam Machines event came from Alienware. Granted, the black box on display at the event was just an empty shell with nothing more than colorful LEDs, but our talks with the company indicated that there's some careful engineering going into the hardware. Unlike some of the competition, Alienware will be shipping its Steam Machine with SteamOS as the only option. Customers who want to run other OS on this hardware will have to hack their own way.

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  • jasonelmore
    This Alienware unit better be cheap if you cant run windows on it. The connectivity on this thing is laughable.
  • wysir
    Will there be Windows drivers for whatever hardware goes inside? If not, that's a big risk put on consumer shoulders.
  • Marcus52
    There is nothing about the SteamOS that will prevent you from installing Windows and creating a dual-boot system.The question I would have is - why would you want Steam OS on a system where you have Windows? It brings nothing to the table if you've already invested in Windows because Windows runs OpenCL games just fine. On the other hand, SteamOS won't run DirectX games, it is limited to OpenCL based games.These "Steam Machines" are nothing but PCs with SteamOS loaded on them instead of Windows. You will make the same cost decisions about the hardware you'd make building or buying a Windows PC, except the SteamOS will be free, you won't have to buy an OS (Windows) to install. This is pretty much what we've had for decades with Linux distros, except now Valve is putting their own label on a version of Linux and making the OS something centered around Steam.The Steam game controller looks to be an interesting device, but it will also work fine on a Windows-based PC. As far as the cost of a pre-built Steam machine - it isn't going to be less than $500. I think it is more realistic to put a $600 minimum expected cost on a pre-built. And if that's what you spend on your Steam Machine, your performance will be comparable to a Windows $600 PC, you just won't be able to play your favorite DirectX games on it.