All-in-One PC With 25-Inch Color E Ink Display Teased on Kickstarter

Bigme E Ink Color AiO PC
(Image credit: Bigme)

Ereader maker Bigme is branching out with its first All-in-One PC. Naturally for a device maker that offers a plethora of E Ink readers, its new computer is going to be built around the same uniquely appealing screen technology. The company has published its “World's 1st All-in-one PC with E Ink Color Display” announcement page on Kickstarter, ahead of a crowdfunding campaign. Portable and pocket computing site Liliputing has a few more details for us to digest.

The Bigme AIO features what is probably the largest widely distributed E Ink color display available. The crowdfunding page asserts that the display is 25.3-inch diagonally, with a QHD resolution. From this info, we are probably safe to assume that the AIO uses the same panel that is present in this Dasung monitor. Onyx also makes a very similar monitor, the Boox Mira Pro.

If the Bigme AIO does use the same display panel, it has a 16:9 aspect ratio 3200 x 1800 resolution (145 PPI), supports 4,096 colors, and could offer a ‘turbo’ refresh rate. 

As well as being an AIO, the Bigme device can alsobe used as a ‘dumb’ monitor. It can display external inputs via its HDMI port, and is wireless display friendly. These options will make the Bigme an interesting option to some second-screen PC users, and those casting signage displays to the screen from a phone (for example).

Bigme E Ink Color AiO PC

(Image credit: Bigme)

Due to the nature of E Ink displays, a front light is equipped for reading in dark or dim environments. And users can switch this light between warm and cool profiles.

We know little about the specifications of the PC that will be built into the monitor to create this AIO design. All Bigme reveals is that there will be an Intel Core i5 CPU inside. Further details about the CPU, memory, storage, and so on appear to have been held back for the crowdfunding launch.

Don’t expect that displays with fewer colors to be cheaper than traditional LCDs or OLED screens. Normally we consider the most vibrant and wide-gamut monitors to be the most desirable, but easy on the eyes paper-like E Ink displays of this size are currently priced between $1,500 and $1,800. Surely Bigme will be seeking a premium on this pricing level due to the built-in PC functionality.

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