Alphacool Eisbaer Solo Is a Complete Water Cooling Kit in a Box

(Image credit: Alphacool)

Alphacool has released the new Eisbaer Solo to combine a CPU water cooling block, pump and reservoir into a single product. Now instead of having to manage all three parts separately, those who need to keep their systems cool will be able to install a compact cube.

The Eisbaer Solo uses the DC-LT Low Noise Ceramic Pump common to many Alphacool products. It consumes 4W of power and rotates at 2,600rpm. The product page says it can be regulated between 7-12V, but that's listed as 7-13.5V on the spec sheet. Alphacool said it also has a 0.85m delivery head with a 70L/h maximum flow rate.

(Image credit: Alphacool)

The pump's reservoir offers In and Out connections based on G1/4" threads, which Alphacool said makes them compatible with "all standard water cooling connections." The reservoir is, appropriately enough, filled via the fill port on top of the Eisbaer Solo's housing to enable quick cooling management.

All of that is accompanied by a CPU cooling plate that Alphacool said is "made of pure copper with very fine cooling fins" to make sure that "high cooling performance is guaranteed." (We haven't tested the Eisbaer Solo, of course, so we can't speak to those claims.) The entire box measures 63 x 63 x 68mm (L x W x H).

(Image credit: Alphacool)

The Eisbaer Solo includes an Intel mount and an AMD bracket to offer compatibility with pretty much all modern CPU sockets. Alphacool also includes the necessary mounting material with each unit, along with some thermal compound. It's currently selling the Eisbaer Solo in Germany and the UK for roughly €55.

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