AMD HD 8800 Series SKUs Surface in Leaked Document

"Oland" will be built in 28 nm, but feature a substantially larger die than the current Pitcairn core and promises a sizable performance increase. The price may be the big surprise in this release.

The transistor are size will jump by 27 percent to 270 mm2 and the transistor count for both the HD 8850 and HD 8870 will grow to 3.4 billion. The base clock will be lifted by 7 percent and 5 percent, respectively, to 925 MHz and 1050 MHz. The single-precision computing performance is promised to increase by 70 percent to 2.99 and 3.94 TFlops, while the double precision count is indicated as 187 and 246 GFlops. AMD was apparently able to contain the power consumption of the cards and shave off 15 watts on the high end to arrive at 160 watts.

The most interesting part in the leaked table, if the information is accurate, is certainly the pricing, which is much more aggressive than before. The higher-end 8870 is listed for $279, while the 8850 has a $199 MSRP. This information is not confirmed, but certainly intriguing and an interesting play for AMD.

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  • A Bad Day
    Going Nivida's style of throwing more transistors, while keeping TDP and possibly price under control. I like that.
  • This leak was released on the day of the resignation of the CFO of AMD. As of now, after trading is $3.70 from $4.01. It reached $3.54 an hour ago.
  • gramps
    IF this is accurate it would be impressive to say the least. Personally I'm a little skeptical (but hopeful) - that much increase in die size and such a substantial performance boost with a slightly lower TDP - all on the same 28nm process? AND that price!

    Too good to be true? I hope not!!
  • idroid
    Wow!!! lower price and lower TDP with what seems to be a really big performance gain!! i am all in!
  • deepblue08
    Das ist Gut.
  • atminside
    Wow those memory bandwidth speeds are nearing eDRAM speeds. If only we had that kind of speed on the DDR standard I wonder what kind of improvements we might see in general computing.
  • joytech22
    If this table is correct, these things will fly off the shelves.
    Let the competition begin.. >:D
  • spat55
    Hope they arn't that good :( just got my 7850 4 months ago and the 8750 looks like it will wipe he floor with it! Oh well at least I haven't OC'ed it yet! and have that to look forward to.
  • If the 8850 can keep the one PCIE power connector, that, will be a magical card! It is kind of like 79x0 performance on one PCIE and small form factor plus the price! Amazing!
    AMD = Me Gusta!
  • proffet
    man this is cool but jeez.....
    the HD 7 and GTX 6 series are just now getting into high gear.
    got my head spinning.

    Haswell coming out next week.? LoL