Antec Displays Gamer PSUs and New Cases

New High Current Gamers Plus PSU

-        All certified 80 Plus Bronze

-        Modular cable system

-        500, 650, 750 watt versions

-        Availability: August

-        Price: TBA, but in $100's range

Solo II

-        Mid Tower

-        Aluminum

-        Special system for vibration dampening

-        USB 3.0

-        Availability: September

-        Price: $120

P 280 

-        Successor to P180

-        Alluminum

-        Fan control on the back

-        Lots of expansion slots

-        Availability: November

-        Price: $140

SoundScience Rockus 3D

-        New brand: SoundScience

-        Rockus 3D, a new 2.1 sound system kit

-        Already available at around $160

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  • sceen311
    ahh no 903?
  • nebun
    is this a joke? very mediocre products
  • ubercake
    Strange to see them using a top-mounted PSU design on the Solo II? Last time I heard, heat rises. Why not let a fan help the heat leave with the path of least resistance through the top like just about every other darn case in this day and age. It seems like a company that has been doing this as long as Antec would have a handle on this.

    What I do like is the cutout in the tray behind the CPU allowing for easy swap out of heat sinks with backplates. I also like that there are no drive bays blocking longer video cards at the bottom front of the case. Most people I know, don't use more than 3 or 4 HDDs/SDDs in their cases. Also, does anyone use more than one or two multi optical or blu-ray drives these days in their gaming or home builds? I think most cases, from a home use standpoint, have too many drive bays which restrict airflow from the intake fans. The Coolermaster HAF series cases allow you to remove these air-blocking bays.

    What kind of innovation is Antec showing us with these cases? None.

    For full tower cases, though I don't like the fact there's no cutout in the tray behind the CPU in the Spedo, I'd like to see more companies doing what is done in the Thermaltake Spedo case by which two exhaust fans are at the rear of the case at the top in addition to allowing one big or two small top exhaust fans. Case manufacturers should focus more on airflow and the physics of it all.