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AOC Unveils Speedy 0.5ms Response Gaming Monitors

AOC today announced two gaming monitors that may very well make your day if you're looking for something extra speedy to spice up your gaming rig or the one you're thinking about building.

The new 27-inch AG271FZ2 and 24.5-inch AG251FZ2 LCD panels, part of AOC's AGON line, feature AMD FreeSync and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this new monitor duo is the fact that they have insanely fast response times, clocking in at just 0.5ms. This low of a response time ensures you'll get the most fluid movements possible out of the games you throw at these displays without ghosting. 

These specs and features make the new line nearly perfect for a PC gaming rig you may be dreaming of putting together. That smoking hot response time, and the refresh rate that's as high as you can get in a gaming monitor these days, so it's great for eSports players and others obsessed with speed. 

Both monitors offer DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and VGA inputs in addition to Shadow Control for cranking up brightness of darker areas onscreen. In addition, Low Blue Light Mode is also available in an effort to soothe your tired eyes. 

However, with all that speed the monitors only feature 1080p resolution. This will disappoint the many gamers salivating over 4K monitors or 1440p. However, the AG271FZ2 and AG251FZ2 are going for just $380 and $330, respectively.

While both monitors are currently available for pre-order, there's no specific release date announced yet. But considering they're up for pre-order now, we'll likely see them hit stores later this year.