Aqua Computer Builds GTX 980 Water Block; Also New Radiators

Aqua Computer, a German-based water cooling manufacturer, has announced a new water block. The company calls it the Kryographics block, and it is built for the recently-announced Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card. In addition to the water block, Aqua Computer also announced a new series of radiators.

The water block is built with an 0.5 mm microchannel structure and the popular G1/4" threads, so if you already have a water loop, chances are it will be compatible. The blocks come with two different bases and three different top covers. You'll be able to get a copper block, or for a more durable option you can go with a nickel-coated copper base. Tops will be available in plexiglass, tinted plexiglass and engraved aluminum.

Aqua Computer also announced its new Airplex Radical 2 series radiators, which look a little different than what we're used to seeing. These radiators will come in various sizes, starting with a 360 mm model that will come with either aluminum fins or copper fins for even better performance. The exterior design of the radiators looks a bit different because it is meant to be more modular. Parts of it, such as the screw threads, can easily be replaced in case they get damaged.

Pricing for the water blocks ranges from €89.99 (USD $114) through €109.99 (USD $139). The copper Airplex Radical 2 360 mm will cost €89.99 (USD $114), while the aluminum model will cost a little less at €74.99 (USD $95).

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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