Arctic Launches Freezer 7 X CPU Cooler With Intel LGA1200 Support

Arctic Freezer 7 X

Arctic Freezer 7 X (Image credit: Arctic)

After more than 10 years of service, Arctic is finally retiring the Freezer 7 Pro CPU cooler. The cooling specialist today announced the Freezer 7 X, which not only comes with better cooling performance, but also with a lower price tag.

Staying true to its bloodline, the Freezer 7 X is also a compact CPU cooler. The Freezer 7 Pro has a 127 x 108 x 96mm footprint, while the new Freezer 7 X measures 132.5 x 110.5 x 74.3mm. So while it's a bit taller and wider, the Freezer 7 X is also significantly thinner, which should help with RAM clearance.

Arctic revamped the heat pipe layout and enhanced the heatsink design for the Freezer 7 X. The prior model transfers heat via three double-sided copper heat pipes to the heatsink comprised of 45 cooling fins. The Freezer 7 X, on the other hand, features two direct touch heat pipes and 44 cooling fins. Despite having one less heat pipe, the Freezer 7 X can deliver up to 10% higher performance than the Freezer 7 Pro, according to Arctic's charts.

Like its predecessor, the Freezer 7 X comes with a single 92mm cooling fan. However, Arctic developed a new motor for the Freezer 7 X's cooling fan that it claims reduces the temperature of the coils by 20 degrees Celsius in comparison to traditional motors. This means that the fan should run more quietly and consume less power. 

As per Arctic's numbers, power consumption is down from 0.25A on the predecessor to 0.07A on the new model, a 72% improvement. Noise levels are also down by 40%.

The Freezer 7 X is compatible with a plethora of Intel CPU sockets dating back to LGA775. The CPU cooler also supports the latest LGA1200 socket on which the upcoming Comet Lake desktop processors will reside. Regarding AMD sockets, the Freezer 7 X supports the majority except for AM2(+) and sTR4.

Artic backs the Freezer 7 X with a generous six-year warranty. The CPU cooler retails for $16.99 before tax, $3 cheaper than the previous Freezer 7 Pro.

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  • clutchc
    I've used the little Freezer 7 on budget builds for years. Great low cost replacement for the weak stock Intel and noisy pre-AM4 AMD coolers. Still have one on my own aging i7-4770 build. If Arctic can make this one even better and sell for less, they will have another winner.