Computex Organizer Confirms ASRock AMD X670E Motherboards Incoming

ASRock X670E motherboards
(Image credit: ASRock, Computex)

ASRock is preparing to showcase several cutting-edge motherboards at Computex 2022 next week. The firm's first AMD Socket AM5 motherboards for Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 processors will be revealed for all to see. An official ASRock Computex event video, spotted by Twitter's Komachi, is queued up for May 26. The video page says that ASRock will share details of its X670E Taichi, X670E Taichi Carrara, and other motherboards.

There are four motherboards mentioned in the Computex video details. The two most interesting boards are the X670E Taichi and X670E Taichi Carrara.

(Image credit: ASRock, Computex)

Key features of these next-gen AM5 motherboards are PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 support. They also support Thunderbolt 4, which could be provided via a third-party chip (we don't yet know if AMD's 600 Series chipsets will have native Thunderbolt 4 support).

ASRock's Taichi motherboards are typically the firm's flagship products with premium components and specifications with the high-powered antics of overclockers in mind. For some background, you might want to peruse some of our recent ASRock Taichi motherboard reviews, like the ASRock Z690 (Intel) Taichi or the ASRock B550 (AMD) Taichi Razer Edition.

The new ASRock X670E Taichi and X670E Taichi Carrara are built for speed with "26 phases SPS Dr.MOS design," which is claimed to be the most powerful that ASRock offers. We don't know what makes the Carrara version stand apart, but it is said to be a special edition to celebrate the firm's 20th birthday.

Those are all the specs we have for these AM5 motherboards for now. However, we reported on Gigabyte's confirmation of its AMD X670 motherboards for Ryzen 7000 processors earlier today. Gigabyte explicitly stated that its X670 motherboards come with a PCIe 5.0 slot for next-generation graphics cards, DDR5 support, and an M.2 interface for the incoming crop of PCIe 5.0 SSDs with up to 14 GBps bandwidth – all those stats are in-line with earlier info from AMD. Unfortunately, we don't at this juncture know the difference between X670E and X670 motherboard chipsets. We are also not sure if any AMD partners will be showing off AM5 motherboards from other tiers, like the expected B660 models.

ASRock's Computex presentation will also include AMD workstation motherboards. The video preview says that the compact PCs and components maker is going to show off a new WRX80 Creator motherboard for existing or perhaps new Ryzen Threadripper chips.

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Last but not least, we will get to see the finished version of ASRock's controversial Z690 PG Riptide NFT Edition for Intel Alder Lake processors. ASRock teased the arrival of this motherboard back in early March, when some people still had an ounce of belief that NFTs weren't an elaborate Web 3.0 joke. Now we know the "very first motherboard co-designed by thousands of people," is going to be unwrapped on May 26.

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