ASRock Preps 34-inch 165 Hz AMD FreeSync Premium Gaming Monitor

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ASRock is preparing to venture into the monitor market with a fleet of new gaming monitors. As spotted by eagle-eyed hardware detective momomo_us, the PG34WQ15R and PG27FF will be the renowned manufacturer's first gaming monitors and arrive with AMD FreeSync Premium support.

AMD has listed the ASRock PG34WQ15R and PG27FF on the chipmaker's list of FreeSync monitors. The "PG" prefix from the model names suggests that ASRock will market the monitors under the company's Phantom Gaming (PG) product line that caters to gamers.

The PG34WQ15R comes with a 34-inch VA panel displaying a resolution of 3440x1440. The monitor has a refresh rate due to the resolution of 165 Hz. Of course, you'll need to use a DisplayPort due to the high resolution. The maximum supported refresh rate through HDMI is 100 Hz. A small photograph of the PG34WQ15R is available from a Korean licensing submission, showing the monitor with a curved design. It would seem that TPV Electronics (Fujian) Co., Ltd manufactures the PG34WQ15R for ASRock.

On the other hand, the PG27FF has a 27-inch IPS display. The monitor features a more common 1920x1080 resolution and flaunts a 165 Hz refresh rate. It doesn't matter if you use a DisplayPort or HDMI port as the input since you'll get 165 Hz regardless. A registry at the DCP (Digital Content Protection) reveals that we can expect at least three variants of the PG27FF: PG27F15R, PG27FF1A, and PG27F15R2A. For the moment, we don't know what's the difference between the four models.

The PG34WQ15R and PG27FF carry the AMD FreeSync Premium badge. In addition, both monitors support low framerate compensation (LFC) and at least 120 Hz at 1080p. Gamers often overlook LFC, but the feature ensures that the monitor maintains smooth gameplay when the game's framerate dips below the monitor's minimum refresh rate. The minimum refresh rate for the PG34WQ15R and PG27FF is 48 Hz.

Pricing and availability for the PG34WQ15R and PG27FF are unknown. However, the PG34WQ15R is a premium monitor and will likely cost a small fortune.

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