Asus Unveils Video Conferencing Computer Monitor

Taipei (Taiwan) - Asus today launched the MK241H, a new PC monitor with a built-in webcam and video conferencing functionality, along with an HDMI input and full 1080p high definition resolution. The 24" monitor also uses Asus's Color Rich Technology which it says offers an above average color gamut.

The integrated webcam is the defining feature for the MK241H. Asus claims it is the first 24" monitor with exclusive video conferencing functionality and ergonomics. In addition to the webcam, it a MIC-array device and stereo speakers.

Additionally, the camera is fully rotatable and carries a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The camera is pre-installed with plug-and-play functionality, meaning users don't need to install any drivers or software, or connect any cables.

The WUXGA display is 1920x1200, presented in 16:10 widescreen. It includes an on-board aspect ratio control and a claimed two millisecond response time, preventing lag or distortion during graphically intense video playback.

The MK241H is available today for around $600.