This Really Good, Logitech C920 Webcam Clone is Now $9

Ausdom AF640
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Last year at this time, webcams were in such high demand and short supply that it was nearly impossible to find the best webcam and clear industry leader, Logitech's C920, in stock for anything less than scalper prices. That's when we started to see a slew of cameras from lesser-known brands such as Ausdom, whose AF640 we tested and found to be very similar in quality to the C920. 

The Ausdom AF640 has a similar design to the C920 with a form factor that makes it easy to mount on a monitor and rotate, along with a high-quality, built-in microphone. Like the C920, the AF640 records in 1080p, 30 fps, but it actually has a wider field of view (90 degrees versus 78 degrees) and its mic was unquestionably better in our tests. When we took the same pictures with both webcams, we noted that the difference were slight, though colors on the C920 were a bit more vibrant and images were just a bit more detailed.

Fast forward to spring 2021 and, with shortages improving, you can now snag a Logitech C920 for less than $80 and, at its regular price, score an Ausdom AF640 for $39. However, in an amazing early Prime Day sale, you can now score the AF640 for just $8.99 at Amazon after you apply the coupon code YJB57BK9 or just check the redeem button.

Ausdom AF640 1080p Webcam: was $39, now $9 at Amazon

Ausdom AF640 1080p Webcam: was $39, now $9 at Amazon
This 1080p webcam is similar in form factor and very close in quality to Logitech's industry-leading C920 and even boasts a slightly-wider field of view and better mic. Use coupon code YJB57BK9 (or click the redeeem coupon button).

If you need a webcam, whether it's for your primary PC, as a spare or for a Raspberry Pi project, $8.99 is a hard price to resist. As you can see in the comparison images below, the quality is really good.

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