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BitFenix Unveils Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic LED Strips

An easy and cheap way to add some flare to your system is by adding some lighting, and if you do it right, it can turn a dull PC into something that's -- well, quite the opposite. With its Alchemy 2.0 LED strips, BitFenix intends to make the process even easier.

The idea behind BitFenix' Alchemy 2.0 strips is simple: build easy-to-use lighting that requires minimal effort to install and is easy to expand. The LED strips therefore have a magnetic substrate, which will stick to the steel frames of most cases. Because they are flexible, it is also easy to install them over uneven surfaces and around corners.

Additionally, the Alchemy 2.0 strips are daisy-chainable, so with multiple sets you can light up your entire case with one long strip. The power cable is 50 cm long, so you'll be able to reach any part of your case as a starting point for the lighting. The power plug even has a little magnet built in so that it doesn't pull down the LED strip if you start in the top of the case.

Color options are white, red, purple, blue and green. For the green color, BitFenix deviated from the standard hue and adjusted its tone to match that of the GeForce lighting on the side of Nvidia's graphics cards, which is a sort of yellow-green. The LEDs used are TriBright 5050 SMDs.

The strips will be available in lengths of 12-, 30- and 60 cm. They are 10 mm wide and about 2 mm thick.

We actually used a couple of samples that BitFenix gave us in this water cooling build, and our experience was exactly as BitFenix intended: quick, easy, and effective.

BitFenix did not reveal pricing.

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