BitFenix' Pandora Micro-ATX Case Has Built-In 2.4" LCD

We've been seeing a great deal of innovation in the world of PC cases in recent years, and BitFenix' latest creation, Pandora, continues that trend. No, this is not the home of tall blue creatures, but rather that of a compact Micro-ATX system with some standout features.

The Pandora has room for two 350 mm-long dual-slot graphics cards, an ATX PSU, two 3.5" drives, another three 2.5" drives, and dual 120 mm intake fans and a single 120 mm exhaust fan. You can mount a liquid cooling radiator up to 240 mm in size up front, although if the fan and radiator are too thick, you might run into issues with longer graphics cards. Add all of that up, and you can build a relatively high-end machine in this enclosure. The Pandora measures 160 x 420 x 465 mm, and it's made with plastic and aluminum.

At the front of the case you'll find a 2.4" LCD display that can show any logo or image that you want, at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. To access it, all you need to do is plug in the internal USB header and download the required software from BitFenix' website. We reckon this will make the Pandora especially popular among system builders, as this makes it easy for them to put a company logo on the case. If the LCD screen doesn't suit your fancy, you can always disable it or use the included aluminum BitFenix logo.

Front I/O is accessible from the top of the case, and it consists of two USB 3.0 ports along with the standard pair of HD audio jacks.

The case will be available as a plain 'Core' version, a standard version and a windowed version, each of which will be available in black and silver. The Core version does not come with the LCD display.

BitFenix did not reveal pricing.

Update: BitFenix got back to us on pricing, which is as follows: 

Pandora Black (BFC-PAN-300-KKXL1-RP):$129.00

Pandora Window Black (BFC-PAN-300-KKWL1-RP):$139.00

Pandora Core Black (BFC-PAN-300-KKXN1-RP):$109.00

Pandora Core Window Black (BFC-PAN-300-KKWN1-RP):$119.00

Pandora Silver (BFC-PAN-300-KSXL1-RP):$129.00

Pandora Window Silver (BFC-PAN-300-KSWL1-RP):$139.00

Pandora Core Silver (BFC-PAN-300-KSXN1-RP)$109.00

Pandora Core Window Silver (BFC-PAN-300-KSWN1-RP):$119.00

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • SirKnobsworth
    Good looking case. I hope it's not too expensive.
  • obababoy
    I feel sorry for the bottom video card :/
  • RedJaron
    And how much extra am I paying for an LCD just to display a static image? At least hey're offering a plain version so I have the choice. Make it so it can display text output for case status ( heat, fan speed, etc, ) and at least you're getting use of of it. If you want to go big, a small touchscreen could be used for a fan controller and makeup for the lack of external bays.
  • cobra5000
    Can we please quit using the name, Pandora, for everything?
  • ferooxidan
    Nice looking one. Come Maxwell then this. Nice timing
  • An0nym0U5_
    On NCIX, its $129.99 USD for a preorder!
  • haftarun8
    I was hoping the height and length of this would be closer to the Temjin tj08-e, which to me has been the case to beat for mATX for the past like 3 years...most "mATX" cases all seem to be just slightly smaller than a mid-tower, which defeats the purpose of going with a mATX mobo in the first place. Also the tj08 is like 10lbs...I'm guessing this one is closer to 20?