Enjoy 500GB of Fast SSD Storage for Only $65

WD Blue SN550

WD Blue SN550 (Image credit: Western Digital)

Are you sick of looking at that empty M.2 slot in your system? Here's your chance to fill it with Western Digital's latest Blue SN550 M.2 500GB SSD for $64.99 at Amazon, which is its lowest price yet and 28% off its normal retail price.

The Blue SN550 puts up strong sequential and random performance. The SSD delivers sequential read and write speeds of 2,400 MBps and 1,750 MBps, respectively. Western Digital rates the SSD's random numbers at 300,000 IOPS reads and 240,000 IOPS writes.

WD Blue SN550 500GB: was $89.99, now $64.99 @ Amazon

WD Blue SN550 500GB: was $89.99, now $64.99 @ Amazon
The Blue SN550 holds great value if you're fed up with your system's unresponsiveness and slow application loading times. It boasts read speeds of 2,400 MBps and write speeds of 1,750 MBps. It's currently selling at its lowest price ever.  

The Blue SN550 combines an in-house SSD controller, 96-layer 3D TLC (triple level cell) chips and a DRAM-less design into a single package. The SSD takes on the M.2 2280 form factor and fits inside a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface, including those living on a laptop motherboard. The Blue SN550 also comes with the Western Digital SSD Dashboard software for monitoring the component's performance and health.

Despite being an entry-level SSD, the Blue SN550 flaunts an endurance rating of 300 TBW (terabytes written) and a limited five-year warranty, which are often only present on more expensive offerings.

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  • neojack
    this article seems like an obvious ad to me
    by reading it, it would seem that DRAM-less is a desirable feature for an SSD, where it should be avoided at all

    $65 is still too expensive for a DRAM-less ssd wich will be e-waste in very few years.