Circuit City Launches HD DVD/Blu-ray Swap Program

Richmond (VA) - If you bought an HD DVD player at Circuit City and now want to switch over to Blu-ray, you're in luck.

The electronics retailer will allow consumers to trade in their HD DVD players at face value, as long as they have the original receipt, regardless of how long ago the purchase was made.

The point of the program is to use that credit to purchase a new Blu-ray Disc player. However, according to Gizmodo you can also get a gift card for the same amount.

The tech blog claims to have received an internal memo from the store explaining the promotion.

"We do not want to upset our valued customers. For this special circumstance, we are happy to offer an exchange for a Blu-ray player (customer plays any difference in purchase price) - even if it has been several months since the customer made their HD DVD player purchase. If the customer does not want a Blu-ray player, we can issue a gift card refund for their original purchase price," said the memo.

Circuit City has not yet started avertising this offer but according to Gizmodo readers it is now valid.