Enermax Readies Modular 1000 W Power Supply

Power supply specialist Enermax showcases an extreme product at Computex: Galaxy is its latest top-of-the-line 1000 W PSU. It was designed to power the most sophisticated computer systems.

The EGA1000EWL provides a maximum power of 1000 W; the EGA850EWL is its small brother at 850 W. Both are compliant to next year's EPS12V specification, which is expected to be launched as "EPS12V 3.0". However, as the standard has not yet been finalized, Enermax simply calls it EPS12V 2007. The main addition is a fifth 12 V rail that is used to provide sufficient energy for multi-processor/multi-core and multi graphics cards solutions. Enermax claims to reach an efficiency of 80-86%, which is clearly above average. The PSU is kept cool by a huge 135 mm fan and a second 80 mm fan.

Once again Enermax implemented its modular system design that allows the user to plug-in Molex, PCI Express aux power, SATA, FDD or even RAM power cables (for server class Fully Buffered DIMM solutions) as she needs them.

If you are now tempted to get one of these power houses please consider that they require more space than an "ordinary" PSU. Enermax promised to launch both new products at extremely agressive prices.

Enermax showcases the new EGA1000EWL in a system setup where it powers as many as four systems at the same time.

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