Computex 2017: Highlights From Day 2, When Excitement Just Kept Ryzen

Computex 2017 continued with plenty of announcements, hands-on opportunities, and cramped booths. Tom's Hardware is working around the clock to bring you the latest news from the show floor--here's what you might have missed while you were sleeping, working, or just going about your day like someone who isn't running all over Taipei. Expect more of this delightful chaos as Computex continues throughout the week.

AMD, Intel Vie For The Spotlight

Intel dominated the first day of Computex 2017, but AMD stepped into the spotlight on day two. The company offered more information about its Ryzen processors, manufacturers showed off motherboards for those CPUs, and new details about the upcoming Vega GPU architecture and EPYC data center processor trickled out. (And no, we aren't going to apologize for the pun in the headline. It's never going to be unfunny.)

That isn't to say Intel didn't get any love--some new motherboards were announced, and the company offered more details about its Compute Card and 8th generation processors--but it definitely seemed like AMD was more of a presence on day two.

Check out some of the top stories:

And some of the motherboard-specific news:

Oh, and it's worth highlighting a non-AMD or Intel story here: Windows 10 is heading to ARM...again. Microsoft and Qualcomm think they can make it stick this time (remember Windows RT? nobody does) thanks to a combination of x86 emulation, always-connected laptops, and compatibility with the most popular apps. We have our reservations--check out the full article to understand why. Here's a hint: Chromebooks.

Need A New PSU?

We also saw many more PSUs during the second day of Computex. They might not be quite as exciting as the many-cored processors AMD and Intel were slinging, but they will provide the foundation on top of which the rest of a system is built. Something has to power all those fancy CPUs and GPUs and other parts, after all, and it's not going to be happy thoughts and good intentions.

The Best Of The Rest

Not everything can be slotted into a neat little category. Here's some of the other cool stuff we've seen at Computex 2017:

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