Computex 2017: Highlights From The End Of The Show

Computex 2017 is over. That means a few things: we've published our Best of Computex 2017 article, we're all ready for a little sleep, and instead of sleeping we'll probably keep writing stories. Also, we've got another recap dedicated to the stuff we saw upon the show's close.

First let us point you to our other recaps. There was always plenty to find on the show floor--we're bound to publish more stuff from Computex even after the members of our news team have arrived home--but each day had its own highlights. Check 'em out if you're hungry for news:

Teasing PSUs

It seemed like everyone at Computex 2017 wanted to talk a little--not a lot--about upcoming power supplies. We're pretty scant on details right now, but these stories should give you an idea of what to expect over the coming months and years, when you're in the market for a PSU:

Odds 'N Ends

Computex 2017 had it all. Keyboards? Yep. Motherboards? You bet. Peripherals and components that don't have the word "board" in them? Sure thing. Here's some of the miscellany we saw as Computex 2017 started to wind down:

To look back through all of our Computex 2017 coverage, including anything that didn't make its way into one of these recaps,  you can do so by checking out the newsfeed on our homepage or by bookmarking (and frequently visiting) our Computex tag page.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • Aris_Mp
    It was a really tiresome week and I am still on the road back to home (traveling for almost 24h now), but I really enjoyed covering this Computex along with all of my colleagues. Indeed we will have lots of interesting PSU releases (among others) which we will fully cover of course..