Computex 2017: Highlights From The Day 3 Grab-Bag

It's hard to believe Computex 2017 is just about halfway done. The show has been a whirlwind of announcements. Intel appealed to enthusiasts and budget customers with the new X-series CPUs and "always on" PCs, respectively. AMD continued to tease the upcoming Vega GPU architecture, EPYC data center processors, and beefed-up Ryzen CPUs. And, of course, many other components, peripherals, and systems made their debut.

That's day three of Computex 2017 in a nutshell. Where the first two days had easy highlights, the third day seemed focused mostly on followups: motherboards for AMD and Intel's new CPUs, cases to put everything in, and more were all revealed. We also have a different kind of followup with our look at Nvidia's Max-Q, which aims to make gaming laptops better than ever.

Here's what you might have missed in the chaos.

AMD, Intel, Microsoft Expand

Microsoft had quite the presence on day three of Computex 2017. The company's latest push to make Windows on ARM happen had the side effect of pitting Qualcomm, with its Snapdragon 835 platform, and Intel against each other with "always on" laptops. All three companies want to make using a laptop more like using a phone by providing them with internet connections, long battery life, and zippy not-quite-boot times. Microsoft wins no matter what, of course, but it's going to be interesting to watch Qualcomm and Intel duke it out. Who's going to take the title? Time will tell.

Other platforms, such as Windows Mixed Reality, Ryzen, and Intel's X399 and X370 chipsets, also expanded:

Classy Chassis

We also saw a bunch of new cases at Computex 2017. None were quite as weird as In-Win's Winbot or Floating cases, to be sure, but we did spot some attractive new chassis. Between the new processors, motherboards, power supplies, and other components announced over the last few days, you could probably build a system from parts revealed right at Computex. You'd have to wait a while (and probably spend a pretty penny) but it would be doable. If you're wondering where to cram all those parts, well, check out these options:

The Best Of The Rest

Like we said at the top, day three didn't have any particular focus. Here are some of the other things we spotted on the show floor:

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Nathaniel Mott
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