Computex 2018: Highlights From Day 4

Computex 2018 is finally starting to wind down. We still have another day to explore booths, meet with sources, and explore the parts of Taipei that aren't currently being invaded by the tech industry, but many of the show's biggest announcements have been made. Don't fret: we're still going to seek out as many cool gadgets as we can before the show comes to its end. There's still plenty of interesting stuff waiting to be found.

The Best Of The Best

It wouldn't be a trade show without a "best of" list. Someone has to consider all of the products shown off at the event, figure out which ones were the most interesting, and compile them all for people who are more interested in a few big announcements than a bunch of small ones. We published two of these lists this week: one devoted to the best Computex 2018 had to offer and one specifically for case mods. Check 'em out:

And The Best Of The Rest

It's been a big week. Nvidia dashed gamers' hopes when it announced that they'd have to wait a while for it to release a new consumer GPU, Intel titillated the crowd with a 28-core processor clocked at 5GHz, and AMD showed off Threadripper 2 as well its upcoming 7nm EPYC processors and GPUs. (No, you can't get your hands on those 7nm GPUs for gaming right now, but they're expected to debut in early 2019.)

But not everything at Computex was shown off during a flashy keynote presentation. There was plenty of interesting stuff to be found among the companies' booths, in private meetings, and elsewhere. Here's our coverage about some of these smaller--but still noteworthy--revelations:

As always, you can keep up with all of our Computex coverage by checking out the newsfeed on our homepage and our Computex tag page.

Nathaniel Mott
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