Corsair Outs Hydro Series H100i GTX, H80i GT Coolers

Hydro H80i GTHydro H80i GTCorsair announced the release of two new coolers in the Hydro series, the H100i GTX and H80i GT.

The H100i GTX slides in between the H110i GT released last month, and the older H100i. As for the new H80i GT, it falls just under the older H100i in Corsair's product lineup.

Just like the rest of the Hydro series, these new coolers feature a copper micro fin plate for direct contact to the CPU and a sizable aluminum radiator (120 mm x 38 mm for the H80i GT and 240 mm x 25 mm for the H100i GTX). Although not all coolers, especially cheaper coolers, have a copper plate for contact to the CPU, it's an important feature for these high-end cooling units.

Hydro H100i GTX radiatorHydro H100i GTX radiatorSome TIM such as liquid metal can cause rapid corrosion of plates made of lesser metals such as aluminum. As such, having the copper base is an important feature for users who want to avoid potential issues down the line with corrosion on the plate.

Corsair advertises an updated radiator block on these new units. These radiators have a new look, with a silver strip and Corsair's name and logo, which is a little less bland than earlier models.

The radiator blocks feature a new fan design, which should help to improve cooling efficiency. The new fans are SP120L PWM, designed for high pressure. A downside to this change in fans is that, according to Corsair, they'll produce a noise level of 37.7 dBA, as opposed to the 37 dBA of the coolers they replace in the lineup. Although some users seeking the quietest system possible might be disappointed with the slight uptick in dBA, it's likely that most users won't notice the noise change, while airflow will likely increase as a result of the high pressure fans.

For users who want to lower the noise from the fans, Corsair has included its Link technology, which will allow users to lower the fan speed if desired. It also allows for changing the LED colors.

Both coolers are already available at several online retailers. The H110i GTX has an MSRP of $119.99, while the H80i comes in at $99.99. Both include a 5-year limited warranty.

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  • buzznut
    I like!!
    Its about time for an update. They look good, ya know I was just thinking they could further differentiate by offering custom shrouds and matching fan colors. Something I would do!
  • thundervore
    As a Corsair H80i owner for years I can honestly say Corsair needs to rethink this.

    1. The new coolers only have 2 fan connections as opposed to 4 on previous models.

    2. Users still have detection issues with Windows 8.X with the Hydro coolers inside Corsair Link with the latest version software 2.7. (see their forums)

    3.There are no updates to the radiator. They are still aluminum. They could have made the to tier "H110i" a copper radiator.

    4. After watching a few videos and release photos, it appears that the H110i GT is made by Cool IT and the H80i GT and H100i GTX are made by Asetek. I expect this to not go so well when customers find out they are not all the same manufacturer. You can always guess who made the AIO based on the CPU back plate as Cool IT is always a better quality metal back plate as opposed to Asetek plastic version which sometimes strips when screwing in the standoffs.

    5. The new coolers can no longer connect to each other via the Corsair Link cable. This means the cooler will need its own internal USB header. Newer motherboards only come with 2 internal USB headers so if you have a Corsair HXi or AXi power supply in the same system as one of these new coolers you will have to choose between connecting the front IO USB ports, your power supply or the cooler.

    Honestly im still waiting for them to release a CPU GPU AIO combo cooler that cools both the CPU and GPU with a 280 radiator in a single loop similar to the Asetek 760GC. Ill happily pay $199 for that
  • MasterDell
    Just bought a H100i. Nice..