CyberPower’s CES PCs Include a Tesseract-Like Desktop That Starts at $1,400

Cube-shaped PC cases are nothing new, but CyberPowerPC’s Syber sub-brand built a square desktop that looks like it might contain an Infinity Stone. The Syber Cube Series is built around a tempered-glass case designed to sit on a metal pedestal, although it can sit flat on a desk without its stand.

Loaded up with RGB fans, the Cube Series is one of the most-striking desktops we’ve seen so far at CES 2019. And while it can certainly be expensive when packed with a pair of RTX 2080 Tis and a Core i9-9900K, the company says a configuration with Nvidia’s newly launched RTX 2060 will start at around $1,400. If you want to step up to an RTX 2080, the Cube Series will run $1,800 and up.

CyberPowerPC is a custom system builder, so you can configure this PC with whatever parts fit your desires and budget, with a fully maxed-out model priced above $4,000. And because it’s effectively a full-tower chassis, there’s room inside the Cube for lots of high-end parts. The Syber Cube PC is available now from CyberPowerPC, although as of this writing, RTX 2060 cards weren’t yet available as an option.

In keeping with the Asgardian theme, CyberPowerPC was also showing off a monsterous Ragnarok system at CES 2019. The Ragnarok is built around an E-ATX chassis that’s so big, you can even mount a second Mini-ITX motherboard and system on top of the power supply shroud.

As such, the case has two power buttons, one of them near the bottom of the case for that purpose. As configured here, with a Core i9-9980XE CPU, two RTX 2080 Tis and custom liquid cooling CyberPowerPC says the Ragnarok runs about $7,000.

But for the truly rich (and power-hungry), the company says a fully equipped Raganrok with Intel’s upcoming  overclockable 28-core Xeon W-3175X and multiple Titan RTX cards will likely cost about $20,000. No one said world-ending computing power would come cheap.

CyberPowerPC tells us that the Ragnarok is coming soon. We don’t know what the starting price will be, but if you don’t have the riches of a Viking horde and a great hall to house it in, you might want to temper your monster desktop ambitions.

Matt Safford

After a rough start with the Mattel Aquarius as a child, Matt built his first PC in the late 1990s and ventured into mild PC modding in the early 2000s. He’s spent the last 15 years covering emerging technology for Smithsonian, Popular Science, and Consumer Reports, while testing components and PCs for Computer Shopper, PCMag and Digital Trends.

  • derekullo
    CyberPowerPC reminds you that the Syber Cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

    In the event that the Syber Cube does speak, CyberPowerPC urges you to disregard its advice.
  • lxtbell2
    Looks like yet another case with extremely restrictive and unfiltered intake.