Micron Smashes DDR4 Overclocking World Record With 5,726 MHz

In what might seem to be a revelation for the memory overclocking world, Micron has just set a new DDR4 overclocking world record, crushing Adata's 5,634 MHz record established just yesterday by a very considerable margin of 92 MHz. 

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Stavros Savvopoulos and Phil Strecker from Overclocked Gaming Systems (OGS) accomplished the feat with a single stick of Ballistix Elite DDR4-3600 in conjunction with the Intel Core i7-8086K hexa-core processor and Asus Maximus XI Apex motherboard. The veteran overclockers pushed the Ballistix Elite memory module to a whopping 5,726 MHz with the help of liquid nitrogen. 

Memory Overclocking World Records

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Row 0 - Cell 0 MicronAdataHyperXG.Skill
Memory Speed5726 MHz5634.2 MHz5608.8 MHz5592.8 MHz
Product LineBallistix EliteSpectrix D60GPredatorTrident Z Royal
Part NumberBLE8G4D36BEEAK.M8FE1DDR4 4933 2OZKHX4266C19D4/8GXF4-4600C18-8GTRG
Capacity1 x 8GB1 x 8GB1 x 8GB2 x 8GB

What makes Micron's achievement utterly impressive is the Ballistix Elite's ability to handle extreme voltages and low temperatures. As noted by Savvopoulos, the Ballistix Elite DDR4-3600 stick uses Micron's own E-die chips. Needless to say, this is quite the accomplishment for Micron E-die in a world traditionally dominated by Samsung's B-die chips, which, by the way, have been wheeled into the retirement home.

(Image credit: OGS/HWBot)

Unlike past record holders in the likes of Adata and HyperX that had to use very loose timings to hit their mark, Micron's Ballistix Elite stick got to 5,726 MHz with more reasonable CL timings. The OGS team configured the timings to CL24-31-31-63 and allowed the memory stick do the rest. This just lends more evidence of Micron E-die's ability to scale as good as Samsung B-die. Who knows, perhaps Micron E-die will become the de facto choice for extreme memory overclockers. From what we've seen so far, it certainly has the potential to fill Samsung B-die's shoes.

Computex 2019 is rapidly approaching, and as usual, G.Skill will be hosting its annual memory overclocking championship. It'll be exciting to see whether the contestants can retrieve the memory overclocking crown for G.Skill.

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