Desktop LCDs outsold CRTs in third quarter, research firm says

LCDs are set to take the majority of the desktop monitor market in 2005, according to market research firm DisplaySearch. In the third quarter of this year, LCD desktop monitor shipments rebounded, overtaking CRT monitors with a 50% to 49% advantage on a year-over-year growth of 31 percent and shipments of 16.9 million units. Fourth quarter shipments are expected to 19.9 million LCDs, reaching a market share of 54 percent.

According to DisplaySearch, the inability of the market to quickly adjust to the lower panel pricing helped accelerate CRT demand and sales in Q3'04, but not enough to allow CRTs to outsell LCDs as they did in the second quarter of this year.

CRT shipments rose to 16.4 million units and are expected to rise again fourth quarter to 16.6 million units on steady demand from emerging countries and in the US where the sub $499 PC bundle became an important benchmark for the holiday season. With a sub $499 bundle now achieved with LCD based monitors, however, CRT monitor demand is expected to drop dramatically in 2005. (THG)