Digital Storm Unveils Aventum With Custom Cryo-TEC Cooling

Custom PC maker Digital Storm today unveiled its latest high-end offering, the Aventum. Digital Storm says that this system was designed by its own engineers, inside and out, and uses its new Cryo-TEC cooling system that cools liquid to below zero degrees centigrade.

Digital Storm boasts that Aventum's chassis features a proprietary thermal exhaust chamber, intelligent five thermal zone regulation and exclusive software that controls 13 customizable fans. The Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system utilizes direct contact heat dissipation to remove heat from the CPU and then processes that liquid through 3 massive 420mm heat exchange radiators.

The engineers appear to be particularly proud of the air flow design of the thermal exhaust chamber, as it is a product of months of R&D using thermal imaging cameras. We've put in a request to Digital Storm for access to its thermal images, and we'll report back once we have them.

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  • the_krasno
    If I were a millionaire...
  • sporkimus
    There is no need to ask, because the answer is Yes.
  • ismaeljrp
    fracture....I'd build it myself and save a few grand.

    I dare you to custome build the exact same thing. And I do mean everything, Case, Cryo-tec cooling , craftsmanship....then I'd believe you.