DisplayLink Support Arrives At Apple

Palo Alto (CA) - We were intrigued by DispalyLink, a technology that uses the USB 2.0 standard to connect to computer monitors, the first time we heard about it. Initially, the technology was limited to the 32-bit version of Windows Vista, but we are about to get support for Mac OS X and 64-bit Windows as well.

DisplayLink today introduced support for the Mac OS X operating system, which if you think about it, is also convenient way, to expand the number of USB ports on a MacBook Air: For example, Samsung's DisplayLink-enabled Samsung monitors come with 2-4 additional powered USB ports. And yes, they also support a daisy-chain of up to six monitors.

64-bit Vista users will also be getting the DisplayLink option soon, as the firm's 64-bit drivers have just entered their alpha phase, TG Daily learned. The final release of a 64-bit Vista driver is expected within a 3-6 month timeframe, when all the certifications and validations with Microsoft, Intel, AMD and others have been completed.